The choose and buy of plush dolls

by:Mishi     2020-11-28
Plush toy is one of the most favorite toys for children and young people, however, seems to be good things there may contain the danger, therefore good plush toys products of choose and buy is very important: first clear is which age paragraph the person needs, then according to different age groups to buy different wool cloth with soft nap, mainly considering safety practicality. 1. Materials appearance cloth material is fastidious the health, with raw materials high and low grade, length of wool cloth with soft nap ( Points and special yarn, yarn) Such as cloth of velvet, plush TIC, it is decided to a toy safety an important factor. 2. Filler see plush toys filler, this is another important factor to influence the toy safety. Good all of the wadding is PP cotton, like the nine holes in the supermarket pillow core material, feel is good very evenly. The wadding are 'dirty' with poor cotton, feel bad, and very dirty. 3. Whether parts fixed parts firm ( Standards for 90 n force) Very angry km, the edge of the activities of parts is too small, prevent children playing into the mouth, danger, whether the same color or to enable a raw wool to consistent, otherwise there will be a sunshine have different color, to the contrary, MAO affect beautiful. 4. About 45 observe whether appearance is beautiful appearance, body position is symmetrical, with the hand backlog is soft and fluffy, each part whether suture and firm, toy parts have scratches, the imperfect. See if any trademark, brand, safety signs, factory address, etc. , binding is firm. 5. Packing 575 view inside and outside the packing, marking are consistent, moistureproof performance is good, the inner packing for plastic bags, opening size over a certain range must open pores to prevent children head asphyxiation occurs by mistake. See is so much more than you also learn how to choose and buy a plush dolls of their own.
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