The choose and buy plush toys alert 'dirty' cotton - Black heart cotton to distinguish

by:Mishi     2020-11-25
Lovely modelling, color soft bright, soft and plush toys, popular children's favorite all when the choose and buy plush toy doll in addition to focus on the surface of the product material, more attention inside filler, qualified plush doll doll inside filler with PP cotton, cotton, cotton feather and so on, but there is no lack of some plush toys manufacturers to reduce costs, will use some black heart cotton, the black heart cotton generally includes fibrous industrial scraps, medical fibrous waste, recycled fiber, used clothing and other waste materials such as fiber products, these are used to process the raw materials are not accord with the relevant national standards, and countries are 'dirty' cotton as the filler of plush products, is strictly prohibited that how can we distinguish shoddy cotton? A, black heart cotton characteristics: 1, stay white without burnish. 2, feel is no stretch. 3, not smooth, easy adhesion clothing. 4, both hands pull a bundle fiber breakage and tidy, fiber strength is extremely low. 5, have chemical bleaching treatment is faulty. After bleaching process of shoddy cotton great harm to human body. It not only destroyed the cuticular wax layer of cotton fiber, and fiber lumen and cell wall also absorbed a large number of chemicals, direct contact with the body cause itching allergies, breathing difficulties and other symptoms, long-term use can make people sick. Second, black heart cotton distinguish method: 1, eye view. In general, black heart cotton does not look so smooth, some rough, and the high quality cotton white color. 2, feel. Normal cotton feel is soft, has certain elasticity, feel is good, and shoddy cotton looks have impurities, feel is rough. 3, tear it. By ripping, consumers can feel the strength of the cotton, in general, black heart cotton a tear is broken. 4, taste. If you are using chemical fiber cotton quilt, raw material should be produced the waste-water, rather than a rotten cloth, chemical fiber industrial waste into. Normal chemical fiber general colour and lustre is uniform, has a certain length, without too much dust, better elasticity, no peculiar smell, otherwise is false and inferior product. 5, color. If cotton color noise, and even with yarn and cloth, is likely to be using industrial waste by the secondary processing production of bad products. 6, burning. Black heart cotton when processing after bleaching process, fine there will be light sour smell. High quality cotton when burning without pungent odour, while black heart cotton has obvious pungent smell.
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