The classification of the plush toy plush dolls

by:Mishi     2020-11-26
Plush toys with modelling is vivid and lovely, feel soft, not afraid of extrusion, convenient cleaning, adornment sex is strong, high safety, people widely used, etc. So plush toys for children's toys, decorated the house, and as a gift is a good choice. So what is a plush toys? Which classification plush toys? Professional plush toy manufacturer to give you the answer. Plush toy is a toy, it is made of wool cloth with soft nap + pp cotton fabrics and other textile materials as the main fabric, internal tamponade toys made of various fillers, we call this the plush toys, English named ( plushtoy) , because a lot of plush toy factory with animals as a model for plush toys, so can also be called a plush dolls. Toy manufacturers will generally classified according to the characteristics of plush toys: 1, because the plush toys are basically filler, so plush toys, stuffed toys for short 2, according to the different material of plush toys with a divided into plush toys, toys velvet, plush toys, soft toys, etc. 3, according to the plush toy appearance modelling can be divided into animal toys, cartoon toys, animation toys, plush dolls, toys, toys, toys and other plants of Marine organisms
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