The planet Well - Known Toy Brands You Need recognize

by:Mishi     2020-07-08
SIMBA, Germany The idea: every toy brings children not only fun. SIMBA was established in Germany in 1952, owning Europe's largest and most innovative production base, much like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, SIMBA is the pride of the French. SIMBA has in Hong Kong, China and Germany FURTH, two advanced toy R & D centers. All toy products have European certification authority, also variety of toys have won the international toy awards. Dominoes, hula hoops, yo-yo, and large building blocks would be the 'four great inventions' of the SIMBA. Bandai, Japan Bandai is Japan's largest toy maker, is also one belonging to the world's largest toy companies, established history dating in order to 1950. Bandai brand is known for its great advantage in the concept of animation, comics, toys, is definitely a large portrait rights, including Mobile Suit Gundam, Saint Seiya, masked Superman, Ultraman, Sailor Moon, Digimon and other hundreds of well-known animated images. Vikingtoys, Sweden The idea: let the promote head development in hands-on process, and be aware of the world around them while playing. Vikingtoys has so far been established for thirty years, and constantly adhere to of the soft, malleable plastic create the highest quality toys with simple and stylish style, and superior top notch. FisherPrice, Oughout.S. The world's first toy brand, FisherPrice, comes from the U.S., may be 74 many years of history. In providing high quality, age-appropriate products, FisherPrice at the same time attached great importance to the cost of toys and games, benefits, child development, safety and ways to guide parents to timely use of this product. NICI, Germany NICI regarded world's top ten plush toy brands, features soft hand feeling and chic appearance. Each animal image of the NICI has the liechtenstein distinct personality: Pisces tiger, with gentle appearance having a sentimental heart, creative and always forgets things; handsome lion with an orange mane, both charming and confident, any lively place can see Lion Heart; giraffe sister, full of romantic feelings and easy-going personality, capable of astrology and botany, consequently always ready to share her favorite stars and new discovery of tasty plants etc. Hasbro, U.S. The world's second largest toy manufacturer, there are various well-known games such as Monopoly, Transformers, Dungeons & Dragons. Given that they have experienced design experts, the company's products have won numerous international prizes! They designed toys according the various features and capabilities training needs for assorted stages of baby toy characters.
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