The process of customizing plush dolls in the plush toy factory

by:Mishi     2021-08-09
Some successful companies will design some mascots to do corporate publicity, and many companies will choose to find toy manufacturers to customize plush toy dolls and integrate more of their own corporate culture in toy design. This publicity effect lasts longer , The cost is relatively low, so today we will talk about the process of customizing plush dolls in general plush toy factories.

1. Customers can find suitable plush toy manufacturers through some network promotion channels according to their customized gifts.
2. Determine the intention of cooperation.
3. Provide the required processing product quantity, duration, pictures, specifications, materials, filling and other process requirements materials, or directly provide the original gift.

4. After the toy factory understands the customer's needs in detail, it will calculate the unit price of the product according to the drawings or the original quantity according to the demand. The unit price generally does not include tax and freight. The actual product price shall be based on the final confirmed model.
5. According to the demand, the factory will charge the proofing fee, and the proofing fee will be returned after the order is placed.

6. The factory prints 2 samples to the customer for confirmation. If the samples are not satisfied, they can be modified until they are satisfied, and both parties determine the initial samples. The toy manufacturer reports the exact unit price and duration of the product.
7. After the two parties have confirmed the sample and sealed samples, they will sign a contract for making goods. Regular products will be charged 30% of the total payment, and special products will be charged 50%.
8. Mass production: Procurement of materials according to the confirmed model and start production, waiting for shipment.
9. Customer inspection: After the product is produced, the customer can come to the factory to inspect the product, or take a picture of the bulk product to the customer for confirmation.
10. Ready to ship: After confirming the bulk, the customer needs to pay the balance and arrange the shipment.
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