The process of making plush toys that can be big or small

by:Mishi     2021-08-15
The main consumer group of plush toys is children. Now with the great improvement of living conditions, parents will try their best to meet the children's requirements, not to mention the trivial things like buying a toy. So we have seen the growth and development of plush toy manufacturers.
So, let's walk into a plush toy factory to see how plush toys are made? The first step is to design the shape of the toy. Whether it is a small animal or a cartoon character, the most basic thing is to give it an image. A good image will have a great impact on the toy market, so there are generally professional designers in the design. The second step is the large sample and typesetting that requires professionals to operate. Nowadays, some basic factories have adopted the operation of computer systems to complete this step accurately and efficiently. When making boards, it must not only meet the design requirements, but also be combined with the actual situation. The third step, now that we have a model, we need to look at the skill of the sewing worker. Cut the fabric according to the model, after the completion of each layer of sewing work on the sewing line, the binding of the eyes, nose and mouth in the toy image, the filling of the stuffed toy, the stitching, etc., after this series of work is completed. A brand-new toy was formed.
How about it, do you feel that the process of making plush toys is rather cumbersome? Yes, it does feel a bit exaggerated in terms of just a toy, but this is just a pioneering exploration process in mass production. Only when this toy is made can a large number of toys be made.
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