The purchase of plush dolls

by:Mishi     2021-08-10
Plush toys are one of the favorite toys of children and young people. However, the seemingly beautiful things may also contain dangers. Therefore, it is very important to buy good plush toy products:
First clarify which age group people need, and then buy different plushs according to different age groups, mainly considering safety and practicality.
1. Materials
Whether the material used for the outer fabric and fleece is considered to be hygienic, it is divided into high and low grades of raw materials, such as long and short plush (special yarn, ordinary yarn), velvet, plush TIC cloth, etc., which is an important factor in determining the safety of a toy .
2. Filling
Look at the stuffing of plush toys, this is another important factor that affects the safety of toys. The good stuffing cotton is all PP cotton, just like the nine-hole pillow in the supermarket, it feels good and even. The poor stuffing cotton is black heart cotton, which has a bad feel and is very dirty.
3. Accessories
Whether the fixed parts are firm (the standard requirement is 90N force) is very angry at the edge of the kilometer, whether the moving parts are too small to prevent children from accidentally entering the mouth when playing, and whether the raw materials of the same color or the same position have the same hair direction , Otherwise there will be different colors in the sun and the opposite hair direction, which will affect the appearance.
4. Appearance
45 Observe whether the appearance is beautiful, whether the left and right positions are symmetrical, whether the backlog is soft and fluffy, whether the stitching of each part is firm, whether the toy accessories are scratched or incomplete. Check whether there are trademarks, brands, safety signs, manufacturer's communication address, etc., and whether the binding is firm.
5. Packaging
575 Check the inner and outer packaging, whether the signs are consistent, whether the moisture-proof performance is good, the inner packaging is a plastic bag, and the opening size exceeds a certain range, there must be vents to prevent children from suffocating the head by mistake.
After reading all the above, do you learn how to choose a plush doll of your own?
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