Tips for Choosing Appropriate Plush Toys For little ones

by:Mishi     2020-07-08
Plush toys are constructed with pure wool or artificial fiber, after processing and stuffed into various products. Plush toys are most suitable for 2 to 6 year olds to practice. Due to its soft hand feel, good safety and lovely style, infants like to the touch and use. In recent years, plush toys are rather popular among young as well as woman, and many families are planning to use plush toys for indoor decoration. Are you aware how go for plush toys? This article will provide you with the following three useful tips. First, the choice of style Generally for 0 to two years old baby in infancy, parents should select plush animals of the exaggerated shape, such as big eyed dog, big head bunnie. Children at this time have immature thought and poor capability identify. Toys suitable these should carry outstanding shape and bright in color, best to pink or cream gold. The size of toys selected need to too key. For the 3 to 6 years old children during early childhood, the design and style of toys should be vivid to identify, far better characterized animal toy, easy to deepen the sense of they. For example, the plush panda toy likely has clear distinction between grayscale. For little girls, you should also choose among the feminine plush animals such as bear wearing a skirt, bunny wearing a bow and etc. Second, picking out fabrics and sewing quality When checking the quality of fabrics, hold the plush toy in hand, touch forward and backward with the natural direction of plush coverage, the plush shouldn't have any hair removal, no bug eating, no color difference, after combing, the hair can reclaim. Usually the head, body and limbs are to do with hand sewing crafts, check carefully in the event the thread is uniform, no off-line absolutely no exposed bond. Tear and pull the sewing position slightly three times, it shouldn't have thread broken or fall apart phenomenon. Third, look at the stuffing and eye fastness Pinch slightly with hand, the plush toy should be flexible simply no lumps. Fat outline looks clear, add to the table, it can stand stills. Press the body with hand and release, it should immediately recondition. The eye requires be fixed firm and quite difficult to go away. Some plush toys with cartoon eyes, check the paint color should not be easily peeled off. The general eyes should check the connection and installation be flat and there is no obvious bubbles within the eyes.
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