Types and contents of commonly used labels on plush toys

by:Mishi     2021-08-10
Plush toy dolls are becoming more and more popular with everyone. When buying plush toys, you must choose the products produced by regular plush toy manufacturers. How to judge whether a plush doll is produced by a regular manufacturer? In addition to the workmanship, there is There is no peculiar smell. In addition to feeling whether the material is soft, there is another important thing to look at the label. If a plush doll does not even have a label, would you still dare to buy it? There are many types of labels used on dolls. Let’s share with you the types and contents of labels commonly used on plush toys.

1. Nylon label
The content on the nylon label generally includes: customer's trademark LOGO, website, customer's name and address, place of origin, production date, ingredient list, icon (hand wash, no ironing, dry cleaning, etc.), age mark (3+ , 0+, etc.) etc.
2, woven label cloth label
The biggest feature of the woven label cloth label is that it can print exquisite LOGO patterns and can be washed. Plush toy factories generally use this kind of cloth label, because plush dolls need to be cleaned regularly to avoid bacterial growth.
3, paper label
Paper labels, as the name suggests, are trademarks made of paper. Generally, paper with higher hardness is used. It can print more content, including: product name, material, filler, maintenance method, applicable age and process The implementation standard of the relevant appraisal, but can not be washed.

We all know that plush dolls, these products are played by children a lot, so you should not be careless when choosing, you must pay attention to whether there is a label and the content on the label. Generally, regular manufacturers do not choose materials From the process to the final packaging, there will be strict checks, so such toy factories are happy to display more information in the label, so that consumers can buy with confidence.
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