Understanding of plush toys

by:Mishi     2021-08-06
I believe that for many girls, plush toys must have a special meaning. Plush toys are not only exclusive to children, they have become a kind of embellishment and decoration, such as a meter of sunlight running in from the window, warming the entire room and adding a touch of warmth to the room. Regardless of the original intention of the creator, we still have to thank the appearance of plush toys. With it, loneliness will no longer sing late at night. With it, sorrow will no longer fall freely like a cherry blossom. With it, a faint feeling will no longer be like Dada's horseshoe, lightly missed. But how much do you know about plush toys?

First, the usefulness of plush toys

Stuffed toys have a good effect of soothing and comforting emotions. For example, for a baby who is not easy to fall asleep, you can coax him to sleep while letting him touch and pat the plush toy. Starting from the plush toy, the child also has the initial imagination. The little bear or bunny in his hand slowly 'will' listen to his secrets, or obediently play a child's designated role. In a sense, the plush toy has also become the baby's first mirror, and he will project his emotions onto it. Therefore, if a child suddenly behaves rudely towards a stuffed toy that he already likes a lot, maybe this is when he needs to express and vent his pressure and emotions, don't stop him.

Second, the selection conditions of plush toys

1. The quality should be good, and the plush should not be too long or too thin.
2. Don't be too big, the baby should be able to take it anywhere.
3. Plush toys are easily contaminated with dust, so they should be cleaned frequently. It is wise to choose stuffed toys that are machine washable and easy to dry.

Three, the most popular plush toys at the moment

◆ Mi Tu
Features: Korean metoo toys have various shapes, and each piece is given a special meaning in it. There is no reason to dislike it.

◆ Underwater World
The cute and fresh underwater world series, with bright colors and super cute looks, are a rare category in the domestic plush toy brand market in recent years. Each toy has its own cute name, which is very suitable for those who like cartoon dream style. Boys and girls

◆ The joyful wolf wolf
Features: In the past holiday, 'Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf' is definitely the protagonist in the cultural life of children's film and television. It is reported that the overall sales of plush toys of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf have exceeded 200 million.

◆ Well-known cartoon image series (such as: Sponge Baby Kung Fu Panda Bear Haunted)
Features: Yes, you have seen an animated blockbuster. Mickey, Kung Fu Panda, etc., are all cute animated protagonists. Do you want to have it?
It's not difficult. Such a cartoon character plush toy is not expensive and of good quality. With the recent animation blockbusters being staged in turn, animated cartoon character plush toys have also become popular. Don't hesitate, take one home.
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