What are the fillings on the butt of a plush toy, and what are their functions?

by:Mishi     2021-08-07
Friends who like to play with plush dolls, I wonder if you have found that a small bag of particles is placed near the bottom of the plush toy that usually takes a sitting position. Today I will give you a popular science why the plush toy manufacturers use this kind of particles. What kind of small particles are, and what are their effects.

The stuffing on the butt of the plush toy is PE (polyethylene) or PP (polypropylene). These particles are broken with PE (polyethylene) or PP (polypropylene). Yes, so it is granular. When making soft toys, toy manufacturers will not disassemble them into soft toys. Generally, they will use T/C cloth to sew into a small bag, and then seal the bag after filling it with this kind of particles. , And then stuff it into the plush toy. The amount of filling is determined according to the design intent of various plush toys and plush dolls.

These particles are usually filled near the buttocks of the plush doll, in order to prevent the toy from being unable to sit firmly due to the uneven filling of the PP cotton cloth, and some plush toy manufacturers will place it on the forefoot (hand) or The back palms (legs) are filled with these particles to keep the hands and feet of the doll hanging naturally when standing.
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