What are the main processes for customizing plush toys? Understand the basic steps

by:Mishi     2021-08-07
Plush toys are deeply loved by many people. Judging from the plush toys currently available on the market, there are not only ready-made products, but also customized forms. So how do the plush toy manufacturers mainly do it when they customize it? What are the matters needing attention? Let's take a look at the basic introduction.

Toy customization is relatively simple, the first thing is to provide preliminary samples. After receiving the processing design draft provided by the customers, the manufacturer will make a selection based on the corresponding specifications and materials above, and initially calculate the approximate processing costs.
After the basic preliminary accounting is determined, a proofing can be carried out first. Proofing according to the determined model, which requires relatively high material selection, should be considered in advance during production and processing, select suitable materials, and process and design strictly in accordance with the corresponding size specifications. Generally, samples must be repeatedly confirmed whether they have good processing benefits, whether the appearance design, quality standards, etc. meet the standards.
In fact, there are many things to consider in the customization of plush toys. In the actual production and processing, it is necessary to strictly follow the standards to ensure the quality of toy processing. It needs to be confirmed repeatedly during production and processing, so that better products can be designed and good toys that are more popular can be produced.
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