What are the types of stuffing for plush toys

by:Mishi     2021-08-06
Plush toy dolls are soft to the touch and are not afraid of squeezing. In addition to the soft and comfortable material on the surface, they are also inseparable from the internal filling. A good filling can bring people a comfortable and healthy experience. Which types of fillers are divided into, let’s introduce to you as follows:
1. PP cotton
Commonly known as: doll cotton, filled cotton, also known as filled cotton, made of recycled polyester staple fiber. It is an ordinary man-made chemical fiber. There are mainly two types of ordinary fiber and hollow fiber. This product has good resilience and bulkiness. It is strong, smooth to the touch, low in price, and good in warmth retention. PP cotton is the most commonly used stuffing for plush dolls, so many plush toy factories will use this as the stuffing for plush toy dolls.

2. Washed cotton
Washed cotton is made of cotton cloth. After special treatment, the surface tone and luster of the fabric are softer, the hand feel is softer, and the slight wrinkle reflects the sense of old material. This kind of clothing has the advantages of being not easy to change, no fading, and no ironing. The surface of the better washed cotton cloth also has a layer of uniform plush, which has a unique style.

3. Down cotton
It is produced by a special process of ultrafine fibers of different specifications. Because the quality is like down, it is called down cotton, and most of them are called silk or hollow cotton. This product is thin, delicate, soft and uniform, and heat preservation. Good, not easy to deform, not threaded, no strange things or hard objects,

4. Plastic pellets
The main function of this small particle-filled plush toy is to keep the plush doll standing or sitting. Because the stuffing of this kind of stuffed toy is heavier than cotton wool, stuffing on the buttocks or feet will lower the center of gravity of the toy and make the stuffed toy more stable on a flat surface.

5. Foam particles
Foam particles, also known as snow peas, are high molecular polymers. They are a new environmentally friendly foam material with high-strength cushioning and shock resistance. It is flexible, light and elastic, and can absorb and disperse foreign matter by bending. The impact force achieves a cushioning effect, overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary styrofoam that are fragile, deformed, and poor in recovery, making it more comfortable as a plush pillow cushion.
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