Where is the distribution center for mascot wholesale

by:Mishi     2021-08-14
Whenever there is a large-scale event, the host country or the organizer will collect mascot design ideas, and then choose one of the most representative cartoon images or animal images as the mascot of this event . These mascots not only have their own names, surnames, history and some unique mascot stories, but the costumes and dresses of these mascots are also very distinctive, and even trigger a wave of fashion and dressing trends.

So, where do these mascots come from? After the designers designed them, how did they become vivid cartoon images? In fact, most of the design and production of these mascots are carefully crafted by mascot manufacturers engaged in import and export trade, and finally they present us with a lifelike mascot image.
After the event, there are often mascot toys sold. These toy figures can often win the children's love as soon as the plush toy manufacturers sell them. This is all due to the level of the mascot toy designer and the level of craftsmanship of the toy factory. In my country, Shenzhen’s toy manufacturing and wholesale market is very large, and many well-known shops at home and abroad come here to purchase toys. It is for this reason that plush toy wholesale has become the focus of Shenzhen’s tertiary industry. Heavy.
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