Why Plush Toys Can Be Obtained from Police Station

by:Mishi     2020-07-04
Impeccable and hommization public facilities in the United States leave a deep impression to me. For example, it is safe to drink tap water in American and the drink equipments can be found everywhere. What's more, I note that there constantly two taps, one is higher and other is lower, on water drinking equipments. The purpose definitely clear that people with short figure or juveniles can use lower taps to get water. Numerous can also be utilised in male W.C, one is higher while the other is lower. During this journey, we visited the National Gallery in Washington, no be compelled to say the first-class exhibits, services equipments in the museum are also amazing. Generally, there are many seats in gallery for individuals rest, in addition, some easel and specialized seat are provided for painting enthusiasts. These devices makes it possible visitors to enjoy designs comfortably and effectively enlarged community service function. In addition, there are numerous examples. Folding equipments are provided for baby in toilet. Emergency equipments with high density and connected to police network can be easily found on streets. In university campus, there some streetlights installed for walking conveniently. There are specified electric ladder for disabilities in public places. High-back seats can be found in train station waiting room for reading. All in all, public facilities inside of the U.S. have clear hommization characteristics. Finally, I will state more interesting phenomenon that is really are a few too many plush toys in police station's storeroom. I was surprised and then asked one among the policemen did policemen play with plush toys when they were working. The policemen smiled and said of course not, then he gave the answer was that when they deal with traffic accidents, if had been kids in the car, policemen could give plush toy to kids to play so that kids' attention can be transferred. Think about carefully, we can notice that hommization characteristic of public service facilities is not simplistic. It needs strong supports from many aspects such as concept, equipment, management, propaganda and characters. All in all, occasion a systemic remodeling.
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